Fairycore fashion

The aesthetics of fairies.

What is Fairycore?

FairyCore, a name you’ve probably heard on social media. To put it simply, it is a fashion style that has gained popularity. It is characterized by its aesthetic around the theme of magic, nature, spring, fairies, butterflies, friendly animals like rabbits, flowers. This fashion style comes from Japanese fashion trends.
No one knows where it really came from, but like many new styles, fairycore was first seen on Tumblr and TikTok. it has become incredibly popular.
It should not be confused with other very popular similar styles like goblincore or cottagecore.

The Fairycore, a magical style

As seen before, the fairycore trend is all about fairyland and nature, there are a variety of key motifs that this style revolves around.
There aren’t really any Fairycore aesthetic guidelines, but many people wear clothes that are made with natural materials such as cotton or linen or that have been dyed with natural dyes like indigo or turmeric. . The clothes will be loose and flowing. Prints are welcome like butterflies, flowers, bows and above all very colorful and bright.

In addition to clothes, you will need accessories. They will need to be handcrafted from natural materials like wood or bamboo, or they can be found in nature like seashells or flowers.
Flower crowns, a headband or a ribbon will be appropriate. You can also use hair clips with patterns like mushrooms, fairies, …
An essential thing, jewelry, not to be overlooked with bracelets and necklaces composed on the fairy theme and ideally made by hand.

Fairycore votre style féérique